Check out my playlist on @8tracks: Succulent C…

Check out my playlist on @8tracks: Succulent Chillhop by lucyhenley.

“How right it is to love flowers and the greenery of pines and ivy and hawthorn hedges; they have been with us from the very beginning.”
― Vincent van Gogh

cover: Succulent Forest by Cassia Beck

going rogue…

going rogue

Happy Earth Day!


Shake Chilli – My House Party

Brisbane-based production/DJ talent, Shake Chilli, returns with another excellent original entitled “My House Party.”

Inspired by the many house parties attended by Shake Chilli, “My House Party” combines floor-filling energy with unique top line synth work to create a fun and very playable trap sound. The drum tracks roll smoothly and provide an excellent foundation for the track alongside strong basslines while Shake Chilli layers the top half of the track with party-ready, top line melodies that are used interchangeably as the track progresses, leaving the listeners guessing as to what comes next, while maintaining an energy that will surely set any club, party, or festival into a frenzy. Cruise over the midweek hump and stream this jam here, and be sure to grab your free download below:


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Simone – Little BitBudding L.A.-based singer/s…

Simone – Little Bit

Budding L.A.-based singer/songwriter and production talent, Simone, returns with a fresh pop sound for Spring with her latest release, “Little Bit.”

The press release states that “Little Bit” is a “poignant and powerful message that the beauty of life is indeed found in the everyday battles,” and we couldn’t agree more with this sentiment and description for this track.

Upbeat, vibrant, and incredibly catchy, “Little Bit” showcases Simone’s addicting vocal talents that we first came to love on her previous release, “Neon,” above a danceable, Spring-ready instrumental. Simone’s vocals are always at the forefront of this fresh indie pop sound, allowing this rising talent to really display her abilities and infect your mind with her fun-loving sound. Be sure to stream “Little Bit” here and be sure to drop Simone a follow on Soundcloud below:


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Leink & John Kooks vs. 740 Boyz – Shimmy Shake

Budding production and DJ talent from France, Leink, joins forces with fellow producer, John Kooks, for a party-ready electro house track, “Shimmy Shake.”

Using the vocals from the 740 Boyz’ throwback original, Leink and John Kooks have really delivered an excellent, modern electro house sound in this track, making a very playable original cut that could work well in club or festival sets. The breakdowns are prime to get the party starter with those addicting vocals from the original’s shouting over sirens and boom-bap drum tracks. We’re then steadily built up and eventually dropped into two gritty, energetic, and distorted electro-driven drops that round out an excellent release from these up-and-coming talents. Be sure to stream “Shimmy Shake” here and grab your free download below:


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S.P.H.E.A.R. – Jet (Fallout Tribute)Budding pr…

S.P.H.E.A.R. – Jet (Fallout Tribute)

Budding production/DJ talent,

S.P.H.E.A.R., returns to drop off a tech house original and tribute to the ‘Fallout’ video game with “Jet.”

S.P.H.E.A.R. has stated that ‘Fallout’ helped him pull through his early teen years when he just started to DJ and produce music, so a tribute like this is only fitting. With a minimal approach throughout the entire track,

S.P.H.E.A.R. chooses to not use many elements, but still creates a big sound. Driven by a simple top line pluck melody, energetic drum tracks, and a swelling subbass groove that would work wonders on a big dancefloor, “Jet” flows masterfully through over 5 minutes of tech house bliss. If you’re a fan of the game or just a fan of good tech house music, be sure to stream this jam here and grab your free download below:


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1200 Micrograms – Marijuana [Visualization]

1200 Micrograms – Marijuana [Visualization]:

      Attracive Downtempo Sound

Mechanical Suns, by Ephemeral Mists

Mechanical Suns, by Ephemeral Mists:

      Gorgeous Psychedelic Musician

Witch House + Chillwave Music Bands and Artist…

Witch House + Chillwave Music Bands and Artists:

      Glorious Witch House Musician

Infected Mushroom – Heavyweight [Visualization…

Infected Mushroom – Heavyweight [Visualization]:

      Incredible Psychedelic Composition