Chaser – Freaky Mind Feat. Alex Ellis

Mexico City-based producer/DJ, Chaser, has returned with an energetic electro house original entitled, “Freaky Mind,” in collaboration with vocalist, Alex Ellis.

With floor-filling energy driving this track, Chaser and Alex have teamed up to create a very playable electro house track for DJ’s and a very danceable club cut for those in the crowd. Driven by a groove-inducing bassline, “Freaky Mind” carries awesome energy throughout this track, with Chaser only slowing things down for an anthemic, melodic breakdown that allows the listener to catch their breath and Alex to deliver some powerful original vocals. With a swift transition to a steady build, Chaser eventually drops us back into another hard-hitting electro drop that takes this track to the next level. If you’re looking for a jolt of energy to get through the midweek, be sure to stream “Freaky Mind” here and grab your free download below:


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