PineHaven – Tell Me Feat. Lilianna Wilde

Although this track was released last year, we were just recently introduced to it and were really impressed with both the songwriting and production quality from budding producer, PineHaven, on his original release, “Tell Me,” featuring Lilianna Wilde on vocals.

With a smooth, chilled out approach, PineHaven and Lilianna combine for a really fresh electronic sound that crosses into radio friendly territory due to it’s addicting vocals and melodies. We begin with a mellow intro and first verse before PineHaven transitions us swiftly to the first drop/chorus section which maintains the laidback vibe through an impressive blend of vocal chop melodies, subtle chord progressions, and smooth drum tracks. The second break keeps the track moving with another great verse from Liliana before a second drop/chorus section is introduced that transitions effortlessly to an awesome outro section laced with more addicting melodies. Be sure to stream this gem here and stream/download from your favorite platform below:


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