dwilly – ADD Feat. Emilia Ali (SO CALLED Remix)

Budding production/DJ duo, SO CALLED, step up and deliver an incredible remix of dwilly and Emilia Ali’s track, “ADD,” for the Splice remix contest.

As with any remix contest, we’ve heard a ton of remixes from up and coming talents of “ADD” so far, but SO CALLED’s remix is definitely among the best. As a track of “firsts” for the duo which features live guitar for the first time in their production careers, SO CALLED is able to keep the breaks/verses chilled and minimal in structure, creating a smooth platform that allows Emilia Ali’s vocals to really shine. Flowing smoothly to the builds, we’re eventually dropped into fresh trap-inspired sounds with energetic drum tracks layering the bottom half of the track while screeching synth melodies dance playfully along the top. Altogether, this is yet another impressive track from SO CALLED and a must hear as we head into the midweek. Be sure to stream this jam here and vote for the remix in the Splice contest below:


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