Pagan and Heathen Music


Hello everyone! I thought it would be cool to compile a list of Pagan and Heathen artists for folks to check out on here. Basically, any band that openly practices Pagan or Heathen faiths or heavily uses Pagan or Heathen imagery and themes in their music qualifies for this list.

Feel free to reblog and add your own.

Aelfric (Traditional Folk)
Agalloch (Black Metal/Progressive/Post-Metal/Neofolk/Experimental)
Alda (Black Metal/Folk)
Arrowwood (Neofolk/Ambient)
Birch Book (Neofolk)
Blood and Sun (Neofolk)
Darkwood (Neofolk/Traditional Folk)
Falloch (Shoegaze/Post-Rock/Black Metal/Celtic Folk)|
Fen (Black Metal)
Hexvessel (Psych Rock/Neofolk/Forest Folk)
In Gowan Ring (Neofolk/Ambient)
Kiss the Anus of a Black Cat (Darkwave/Psych Rock/Neofolk/Experimental)
Lux Interna (Neofolk/Alt Country)
The Moon and the Nightspirit (Neofolk/Ambient)
Neun Welten (Folk Rock/Neofolk/Black Metal)
Novemthree (Neofolk/Ambient)
Oak Pantheon (Black Metal/Neofolk)
Of the Wand & the Moon (Neofolk/Experimental/Industrial/Noise)
Osi & the Jupiter (Traditional Folk/Experimental/Drone)
Paleowolf (Ritual Ambient/Drone)
Panopticon (Black Metal/Bluegrass)
Pensive Ceremony (Ambient/Drone/Noise)
Primordial (Black Metal/Celtic Folk)
Runahild (Traditional Folk)
Sonne Hagal (Neofolk/Electronic)
Sun and Moon Dance (Traditional Folk)
Ulvesang (Neofolk/Ambient)
Vali (Traditional Folk/Chamber Folk)|
Waldsonne (Neofolk)
Waldtraene (Traditional Folk/Neofolk)
1476 (Punk/Neofolk/Shoegaze/Post-Rock/Noise Rock/Experimental)